Monday, June 16, 2008

New Toy Basket

I've had Steven's toys in a small basket for the last few months, but now that he has more toys (and bigger ones), it wasn't working anymore. I found a large basket at a garage sale for only $2, and after I cleaned it off, I loaded up Steven and his toys. At first he had fun. But by the end, he wasn't such a happy little baby.

Once he got out and was able to play with all of his toys, he was a happy little boy again. He can now sit up, so a lot of these toys are ones that we are just pulling out. Mark said that everyday must be like Christmas to him since he's constantly getting new toys. (Of course, new means from a garage sale, mom-to-mom sale, or the baby shower. I can only think of one toy we bought new with our own money, and that was before he was born!)

Look at me with all my toys!

So many toys!

My puppy dog looks bigger than me!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

What a blessed baby you have. And he doesn't even know it. He has such a sweet smile.