Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Sleeping

It's 10:14, and the little buddy is still asleep. He woke up a little while ago but fell back asleep while I was making his breakfast and feeding the critters. My little buddy loves to sleep in, and I love it too!

**Update--He got up for the day at 12:30!! And he went back down for a nap by 3:00. I hope he doesn't wake up 6 inches longer!**


Sarah said...

Enjoy the time you have to get caught up on chores. That is nice-especially if he sleeps through the night too.

Your garage sale deals were awesome. Good job on bargaining. Was Steven there to look cute and get the good deals.

Anonymous said...

I have been tracking your blog since my ear surgery. We must have a blog in common because somehow I was connected. Isn't it great when they sleep in? My baby gets up by 7 faithfully every morning no matter how late he goes to bed. So, I haven't been able to get much done for a while...ok for my whole entire marriage life :)

Your recent garage sale blogs have inspired me to get out there and check for deals. I could be saving so much money. Thanks for reminding me that a deal is only a walk away (in most cases).


Rachel (unruh) Mendez said...

Aniyah likes to sleep in like that too! Hopefully he'll continue you that for you through his toddler years too. She is now 2 and still sleeps in quite a lot. We are just hoping that she'll wake up when she has to go to schooL! Best of luck with him.