Saturday, May 3, 2008

Starting to Move!

Several times this week, I've left Steven on his playmat while I worked on something, and when I've returned, he wasn't where I left him! He doesn't go far--he's always still at least partially on the playmat, but he's moving. I'm not sure how he does it since I haven't seen it, but I generally lay him east/west, and when I've returned he's been north/south (or close to it).

I've only seen him roll over once this week, and that was on the couch (don't worry--I was sitting there with him), but he comes really close to rolling over back to tummy. He can get his hips and legs rolled over, but not the top of him. He just can't get his arms out of the way!

Other news from this week:

Steven is now consistently sleeping through the night! Yay!!! He's only had one bottle in the night this week, but we've had to "plug him in" (with his pacifier) several nights. Still, that's not bad at all!

He also upgraded to the next size up pacifier because he kept trying to put the whole thing in his mouth. I was surprised that the shield wasn't bigger, but the nipple is, so that should keep him from getting too much in his mouth. (It's so much more interesting to chew the pacifier than to suck on it, of course!)

We also bought stage 2 nipples for his Born Free bottles. (He was always on stage 2 with his Evenflo glass ones, but we've been phasing those out since you can't use them for self feeding.) We use the Born Free bottles because they don't have bisphenol A (BPA) in them like Avent (supposed to come out with a BPA free version this summer), Dr. Browns (was supposed to have a BPA free version available April 15th, but I haven't seen it yet), and practically all other brands. (Canada is banning BPA in all their bottles.) They're more expensive, but we've loved them from day one. The exciting thing is that the Dr. Brown's wide nipples work with them. They cost less than half the price of the Born Free ones!

I know that you can go crazy trying to protect your kids from all the chemicals out there, and it would be practically impossible to do so anyways. We've chosen to focus on bottles because of the disturbing side effects of BPA and the fact that we use bottles exclusively. This is a personal decision for us, and I don't want you to think that I think you are a horrible parent if you don't agree :) It's just something that we've chosen to avoid as much as possible. I do, however, encourage you to research it for yourself.

I've added a list of links to the right to help you out if you're interested in learning more. (Some are a bit extreme, but I've added them because they usually have good lists of BPA free items.)

**Medela pumping products are all BPA free :)


Brittany said...

I just read all your comments! :)

Yep- we've read the book. He loves the poop, still! Boys. Look what you have to look forward to! :)

And... I assume we are going to Aunt Lou's, in July. We are planning on going to Bo's grad party, too! :)

Megan said...

I know what you mean about the moving but not ever seeing your baby move. Taeya often is in the corner of her crib or turned the opposite direction on her playmat but I never see her move. She doesn't even attempt to roll over yet though. Thanks for the links on the bottles and sippy cups. I've been reading a bit about it this past week.