Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heading to PA!

This afternoon, Mark, Steven, and I are heading out to see Mark's family in PA. His sister Rachel is graduating from college on Friday, and we're meeting up with friends we haven't seen in FOREVER on Saturday.

This will be just the third time that Steven has seen his Grandpa Hal and Nanny. They will be amazed at how he's changed since the beginning of February. Mark's brother, Andy, couldn't believe the difference between Easter and now when he was out this weekend. Steven's become much more animated, and doesn't nap nearly as much as he used to. He plays with his toys enthusiastically instead of just staring at them :)

I'm hoping he does well on the trip. It's about the same distance as it was to Iowa for Easter, but this time we won't have Uncle Andy in the back to entertain him. He also has become a tad clingy--I ended up napping on the couch yesterday morning because Steven cried and wouldn't sleep if he couldn't see me (he was in his swing--no way was he going in his crib!). Overall, though, he's doing great.

We're taking my parents' van this time because we're bringing Lauren (and all her stuff) back from school. Well, I'm off to finish packing the little buddy--he requires so much stuff! If we're going to leave by 3:30, I had better finish quickly!


Megan said...

Have fun!

BECKY LYNN said...

Have so much FUN! I really hope he does well traveling! I think that is fascinating about Steven's hair. I have really enjoyed your posts lately, Bekah, especially in the light of us perhaps adopting an African American child as well. I think it is amazing. Just recently, we went to the local book sale and I was THRILLED to find LOTS of books with different cultures respresented. I probably got at least 10 with African Americans in it, several with Asians and several with whites as well. I haven't found any dolls or anything like that, though. I think it is important not only for our future child, but also for my Ellie. I want her to have friends of different colors and races and not even realize that there is a difference! Anyway, have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

i hope your trip is awesome and that you are enjoying it!