Monday, May 12, 2008

Home Again

We made it to my parents' house by 10:15 this evening (Sunday). We went to drop LJ off and pick up our car, but we ended up staying for a while. Mom wanted to help feed Steven his first non-cereal solid--green beans. He likes them. I think he'll like everything--that kid just wants to eat real food!

We had a good trip, took a good number of pictures, and had a good Mother's Day (even though most of it was spent in the car).

Tomorrow I'll post pictures and tell you more about our trip. I'm way too tired right now, and I promised Mark I wouldn't stay up late, and I still have the little buddy's laundry to do. (Yeah, it has to be done tonight since we had quite a surprise in his pants when I went to change him in a McDonalds in Pa. Fun.)


Megan said...

You can always pierce Steven's ears. *hehehe* j/k Happy First Mother's Day!!

Brittany said...

Happy first Mama's Day! :)