Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

On Saturday after coming home from Greenfield Village, We went to a sub full of garage sales. Mark and Steven stayed in the car as I hopped out at different houses and found a TON of bargains. I got Steven a bag full of 6-9 month clothes, including the exact socks I was going to have to buy at Target. I also bought him some books, a portable high chair type seat that attaches to any chair. We're going to use it in our high chair for now since we haven't bought new straps for it yet. I also got him some other things but have already forgotten what they were.

Before we went to Greenfield Village, I went to our church's garage sale and picked up a few things there as well. I got Steven a nice Leapfrog push toy for only $3! I also got him two pairs of pants and a knitting kit for myself. I've been trying to learn how to knit, but I haven't been highly successful. This kit came with an instructional DVD, so I'm hoping that it helps! We'll see.

This is one of Steven's new outfits. The hat, shirt, and overalls were only $2! The sweater is one that someone made and donated to Bethany Christian. We were given it and a few other things when we adopted Steven. The sweater has a matching bonnet (yes, a bonnet) and booties. Let's just say that my son is not a bonnet baby!

All ready for church!

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Katie said...

He is darling!!!