Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun Pictures

Steven is developing new skills everyday now. I can hand him his rattle, and he will take it from my hand and put it right in his mouth. This pinwheel rattle used to be way too heavy for him to hold, but you can see that he's an old pro at it now! Don't you just love the look on his face?!

Yesterday, I was doing Steven's hair before church. I had washed it the night before but hadn't put any ointment or cream in it. I wet it down and put his eucerin in it. (It is the consistency of petroleum jelly.) It is hard to do it now because Steven has an incredibly thick spot of hair (right next to a good sized bald spot). I need to get the ointment on his scalp to keep it from getting so dried out. Needless to say, that's quite a challenge.

I put the eucerin in his hair and started to comb out the dry flakes. We have to use an adult comb because of how thick it is now! As I was working on it, I discovered that I could slick it back when it was really went. Then I realized that I could give him a nice comb over. We called it the Grandpa Hal look :)

You can't really see it in the picture, but it was pretty cute (unlike on certain other people!). Much to Mark's dismay, I decided to take him to church like that. However, by the time we got to church, almost all his little curls had popped back up. Oh well.

Just chilling with his hat on.

This picture makes it look like he is bursting at the seams in his outfit. He's not--it's just the way he's sitting :) Oh, and notice the big yawn. He must have been so tired after getting a poopy diaper changed (Uncle Andy's first diaper change! He had to learn since he is babysitting the buddy today.)

After this picture, I left for work. I had given Andy a list of phone numbers to call if he needed anything. I got his first call about 20 minutes after he left. The cat had pooped on the floor, and he wanted to know if we had carpet cleaner. Bad cat. (And not so good person who was supposed to clean out the litter box!)

The next call came a few hours when Steven had wet through his diaper. I talked Andy through the basics of it, and then I heard him yell a bit--Steven had pooped again :) Less than 5 minutes later, I got another call from Andy telling me that Steven had then peed all over himself during the diaper change. (He did that Saturday night and we ended up having to give him a bath, including washing his hair!) I talked him through that too, and fortunately, I haven't heard from his for the past 2+ hours.

Poor Andy!

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Megan said...

Taeya has the same rattle. She doesn't like it...yet. She'll hold it but do nothing else with it.
Love the Grandpa Hal hair. I laughed when I read about Andy's phone calls. Boys and diapers! Thankfully, Taeya's only peed 3 times w/o having a diaper on. One of the areas where it's easier to have girls.