Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Waiting Families Meeting

Tonight Steven and I went to Bethany (our adoption agency) to be part of a panel discussion for the waiting families meeting. (Mark stayed home since he had to get up so early today after getting home so late last night.) We talked about our hospital/legal risk/legal placement experiences. Out of the four couples presenting, two of us got our babies from interim care, one was chosen by a birthmother in her second trimester and were able to be at the birth, and the last ones were matched with a preemie who was three months early.

It was fun to share our information, and I was able to give a little promo for transracial adoption. One of the other couples adopted a biracial baby, but I didn't know he was biracial until they said it. The couple with the preemie was African American, as was their baby. That mom and I exchanged information, and she's going to help me with any questions I have about black babies.

Several couples stayed after to talk to me about transracial adoption, and that was really neat. I exchanged information with several other couples, and I am excited about making new friends!

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