Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MM Update

Yesterday Steven and I met up with several mocha moms at Jungle Java, and we had a really good time. There were about six moms plus quite a few kids. I enjoyed talking with the other moms with babies and getting to know them a bit.

No one acted surprised that I was white, although it did take a minute to get someone's attention at the beginning to find out if they were the mocha mom's group :) Towards the end, one mom (who seemed like the leader) told me that when I came in she thought that I was Melissa Joan Hart. Another one piped up to say the same thing. She said she wondered if it were a joke or something. That was weird, but then I remembered a long time ago someone else saying that I looked like her. Definitely don't see it!!

I'd definitely like to join the group so I can do all the members only events, but we just don't have the money for the dues right now. If I get some Writing Center hours, then maybe I'll be able to. They seem like a fun group!

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Mary said...

I'm glad that your visit was a good one. We have found it helpful to have African-American friends as well.