Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday's Adventure

Last Friday my parents asked me if I would pick up my sister from work so they could go out for lunch to celebrate my mom's birthday. Of course, I agreed to. So when my sister called, I bundled up the baby, critter proofed the house (shut ALL doors and covered up anything that they might possibly get into), and then ended up taking the dog with me.

When we got home, Katie went to wash her hands in the bathroom, and she couldn't get the door to open. I went to investigate, and sure enough, the door wouldn't open. I still don't know how, but the cabinet drawer had come open AFTER I had shut the door. I didn't know what to do, so I just left it for the time being.

When my parents came to pick up Katie and Steven, I showed the door to my dad. He went to work on it. He unbent and rebent a wire hanger, unscrewed the door plate, tried to use a flashlight to see what the problem was, but nothing worked. (Of course, the door hinges were on the inside and the window was shut.)

We finally decided to drill a hole in the door to try to get the drawer to shut. (I had been able to see just enough with the flashlight to verify that the drawer was the problem.) We then stuck different things through the hole to try to shut the drawer. We kept making the hole bigger and bigger and were on the verge of making it big enough for me to stick my hand through when I grabbed the overhead bar on Steven's playmat. We stuck it through and shut the door. Yay!!

My dad felt horrible about the hole, but I was thrilled. Did I mention that I work on Friday night and that this is our only bathroom?? I figured we could just switch out the bathroom door for the basement one.

Oh, and did I mention that Mark knew nothing of this the whole time we were working on it?? I figured there was no reason to call him until we had good news, and even though a hole in the door isn't great, it's better than trying to break in through the window!

So if you come over and have to use the bathroom, this is what you will see.

An up close shot. The floral pattern is my bathrobe that always hangs on the back of the door. At least it gives some privacy!

On Saturday, Mark dragged the basement door up only to discover that it goes the opposite way. We debated whether or not to use it even though the handle would be chest high, but then we realized that we'd have to drill a new latch hole. That sealed it. We are just living with a hole in our bathroom door. At least for now. We really want to replace all the doors, but that isn't in our budget anytime soon.


Brittany said...

Wow! What a crazy story. Who woulda thought?!? Creative measures to fix the problem! :)

BECKY LYNN said...

Oh no! So funny! Glad you got it opened. That would be kinda bad, huh, if you couldn't go to the bathroom....ever....