Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lovin' My Jump Jump Jumparoo!

Steven's definitely gotten the hang of his jumparoo. He knows how to work it, but he also likes just relaxing in it, sucking on his link-a-doos that I attached to it for him. His favorite thing which makes him laugh really hard is when Mark or I bounce him in it. It just cracks him up!

He doesn't necessarily spend a lot of time in it, but he does enjoy his time in it. I think that we just tend to put him in there after we've played with him, and he isn't always ready to entertain himself for very long.

Sadie was lying on the floor the other day, and Mark went to prop Steven up against her to take their picture together. It didn't work at all. Sadie popped up as soon as Mark tried to set Steven down. He ended up putting Steven in his jumparoo, and this was as close as Sadie was willing to go. Maybe someday we'll get a good picture of them together!!

I'm not sure what Sadie's problem is. She does like him even though she does get a bit jealous. I think that she's just not ready to have him sitting by her, especially since that means that she can't try to lick him when I'm not looking. Whenever I put Steven's cream on him, she really wants to lick it off--esp. his hands and his hair. I wish she'd give that up!

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