Thursday, February 28, 2008

Next Time I'll Know Better

Today Steven and I went in for his 3 month pictures. They're the first ones we've had taken of him, and I was getting frustrated that we hadn't had any taken yet. So, I called the studio this morning and got a 3:00 appointment. Bad idea. Why? Because that's when my baby is finishing up his nap. That's when my son needs to eat. Because today, that's when he went for an hour plus without smiling. Lovely.

We did get some cute pictures, and I made sure I ordered enough for our family and everyone. My family likes 5x7s, but this studio doesn't put two 5x7s on a sheet, so I ended up ordering quite a few sheets (thank goodness for coupons!!). I decided to wander around the mall after we were done, and while I was exchanging a shirt at another store, I realized that I had only ordered pictures for us and for my parents. Oops! Fortunately, I was able to go back and order a few more sheets--I told them that I needed to because I forgot that my husband has a family :) So now I really do have enough for everyone.

Next time, though, we'll schedule the pictures for after nap time and after eating. Maybe then we'll get some nice smiles out of my normally very smiley little man!


Kris and Katrina said...

Eli's 3 month pictures were exactly the same! Still turned out cute but by far the hardest! Since then he has been very smiley each time we've gone in . . .

Anonymous said...

you are a riot only ordering for your family!! glad you remembered before it was too late!!!