Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Fun Trip

Well, Steven and I made it home tonight after his first little road trip. We went down to Ohio to see my friend Amy for the weekend. (And she had a lia sophia show while I was there, so it counted as a business trip!)

It was nice to see where she lives, and we were able to spend a lot of time just hanging out together. Needless to say, Steven was really good, and everyone loved him. We also went with waking up just once in the night!

My camera battery died while I was there, so I took most of my pictures with Amy's camera. I just need to get them from her! I have several really cute ones of Steven and his suitcase. I'll post them once I get them from her, so check back soon. (And Amy, please e-mail them to me--my facebook isn't working yet again.)


Brittany said...

awww a trip to Ohio... :) You better not have been close to us, missy, or I will be sad we missed seeing Steven!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bekah! :)