Saturday, February 9, 2008


Every Friday I'm reminded of how blessed I am to live so close to my parents and for all they do to help me out. On Fridays they watch Steven in the afternoon between when I leave for work and when Mark comes home. A major bonus is that they've been picking him up, which really helps since they live the opposite direction from work! Steven loves going to their house, and it's very obvious that my parents love him. He was all smiles for grandma and grandpa when they picked him up today.

We also see them on Tuesdays since my mom and I are in the same Bible study group. She saves us a seat and holds Steven through the lesson. We make sure that we stop by my dad's office before we leave so he can hold Steven and show him off a little.

Steven has brought us closer together--I spend more time with my parents than I did before, and I'm so glad that Steven has them involved in his daily life. I never lived near my grandparents, and I'm excited that Steven gets to have that!

I'm also excited that Mark's parents are coming out this weekend. They haven't seen him since Christmas, and he has changed so much! The clothes that were way to big on him now have already been packed up and put away. I'm sure it'll be a shock for them to see first hand how much he's changed!


Brittany said...

That certainly seems to happen when we have kids, doesn't it? I think we finally realize how valuable our parents really are!

Megan said...

I am not near any family and it does make me wish at times that we lived closer. I want Taeya to grow up knowing her grandparents, aunts and uncle. I want Sarah to be able to hold Taeya so badly but plane tickets are too expensive for both of us right now. It is a blessing to be near family!

stephanie garcia said...

We have lived far from family most of our married life, and treasure those times we are together. What a special blessing this is for all of you!