Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grandpa Hal and Nanny

Mark's parents made a quick stop at our house this weekend on their way to Iowa to see Mark's grandparents. They got in late Saturday and left early Monday, but we enjoyed having them here, and I know that they loved hanging out with Steven.

Since they didn't make it out for the shower, I showed Nanny all of Steven's cool stuff, and she loved his little outfits. She also gave him most of his bottles while he was here and even changed some diapers. What amazed her was that I put him to bed when he's still awake. I just change him, feed him if necessary, kiss him, and put him down. I guess I didn't realize that that's kind of unusual.

Hanging out with Grandpa Hal and Nanny

Grandpa Hal got some Steven time

And, of course, so did Nanny

My smiley baby boy

After a few days of relative quietness, Steven decided to start "talking" again. Here he is Sunday night telling his grandparents an exciting story.

"You'll never believe this, but. . ."

There's nothing like a captive audience!

Still going strong

"And then I, . . ."

Quite the little storyteller!

Getting quite animated while talking

Just chillin' on Grandpa Hal's lap

Our best attempt at a family picture. Don't you just love Mark's posture?? Steven was pretty pictured out by this time.


Brittany said...

Cute photos! :)

Megan said...

It's a good habit to get into by putting him to bed awake. It'll make your life much easier. I put Taeya down both asleep and awake. She usually snuggles/sleeps on me until I go to bed.