Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poor Little Buddy!

Today Steven had his 2 month check up. Yeah, that means shots. The poor guy got 4 shots, and he turned as red as can be. The nurse was really fast in giving them, so it was over before he fully processed it. He still let us know what he thought though! The highlights for him were the cherry tylenol and the apparently yummy tasting oral vaccine :)

At his one month visit, he weighed 8.5 lbs., and at birth, he weighed 6.2. Mark and I thought that he had gained about 2 lbs. since his last visit, but it was actually almost 3 lbs!! He weighs 11.3 lbs!!! He is 50th on the percentile chart for both height and weight, so I guess he's pretty average. He just seems really big to us!

Steven was really good at the doctor's. He was asleep when we got there, but he didn't fuss at all when I woke him up and got him undressed. He did pee all over everything when he got weighed, but he missed the nurse and me, so that was okay. (Slightly embarrasing, but okay)

He smiled for the nurses, but not as much as usual. He also showed off his ability to stand, and the nurse was impressed by how strong he is. (You don't have to tell me he is strong--I have bruises on my legs from where he stands when he gets upset that I'm burping him instead of feeding him!)

He's been pretty groggy since we got home. He slept for a long time, ate, and then went back to sleep. I've been giving him tylenol like the nurse said, so I don't know if that is part of it. Overall, though, he's doing well. He has to go back in two months, but as I pointed out to him, that's another lifetime away :)


Brittany said...

Sounds like a great appointment!! :)

Megan said...

I like the last line...That's another lifetime away. :) So funny. I'm not looking forward to seeing Taeya get her shots. We're planning on piercing her ears and I'm not looking forward to seeing that either.