Sunday, January 20, 2008

lia sophia!!

Tomorrow is my first lia sophia party, and I have another one on Wednesday. I got my starter kit of jewelry a week or so ago, and there is some really cool stuff in it. I've already been wearing a lot of it, and I can't wait to start selling it. I love that it has a lifetime guarantee!

I also like that my manager is a Christian. She started selling lia sophia jewelry so she could stay home with her kids, and I'm doing it for a similar reason. We want to get our adoption loan paid off as quickly as possible. We have five years to pay it back (because you get up to five years to get back the federal tax credit), but we don't want to be paying any more interest than we have to. It's nice to be able to be home with Steven during the day instead of having a traditional job and taking him to day care or a babysitter.

I'm really excited to get started, and once I have my website established, I'll post the address. If you're interested in having a party (and earning free jewelry in addition to all kinds of good deals!), let me know!

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Brittany said...

Fun fun fun! Good luck! :)