Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Catching Up

1. Classes started this week at school. We had our in-service last Thursday, and my first day teaching is Friday. I'm not really looking forward to going back, but that's how it is every quarter. I just wish that it were a different night!

2. Mark's brother, sister, and her fiance came out for the weekend. It was nice to have them here, and I definitely enjoyed the extra help (aka extra rest!), especially since I was starting to get Mark's cold. They all left on Monday night, but we hope that we'll get to see them again soon!

3. Last night Steven and I drove out to Lansing to meet with my lia sophia manager. We went over a whole ton of information and ordered my starter kit. I can't wait until it gets here! Because of a mistake in entering my starter show, I've had to push back my parties a bit. Now I have through mid-February to have my first 6 shows. I've already got most of them scheduled, but I always have room for more!

Hostesses get really great deals (like any item up to $100 for only $15 just for having the show!!) and free jewelry based on the show sales. You also get to have fun and have me at your house :) If you want to schedule a party, let me know!

It was a scary drive home from there because of the horrible rain, and I hydroplaned one time. I am so thankful that God kept us safe. It was bad enough that I considered pulling over and waiting out the storm. Fortunately, I saw that the next exit was where Mark works, so I knew that I was only 10-15 minutes from home. The rain also let up a bit then. It was already so late (close to 11:00) that I knew if I pulled over I'd have a hard time staying awake.

4. On Friday night, Mark and I celebrated our TWELVE year dating anniversary. Can you believe it's been that long??? We've now hit the point where we've known each other half our lives. That's kind of scary but also really cool. It's hard to remember what my life was like without Mark, but I do know that I don't ever want to be without him again!

5. God has been blessing us in so many little ways. It's so easy for me to overlook the things that He's doing because they're not big, flashy things, but they are all signs and reminders of God's goodness. I don't know how people can live without God. Life would seem so pointless. I'm so thankful that I know Him and am His child!

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