Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Baby Shower

Monday night was my shower at church, and I owe a HUGE thank you to my friends who put it all together--esp. Marie, Keri, Katrina, and Rachel! I stopped going to baby showers years ago because it was just too hard, so I didn't really know what to expect.

My friends did a great job with the invitations, centerpieces, cake, and everything else. Thank you!!!

Our hand picked answer to prayer!

Can you tell we all LOVE that picture??

(and my mom would like you all to know that she took it!)

Playing games--it's much more fun to just watch :)

About 50 people came which was good, esp. considering the holidays and the last minute nature of everything. As you can see, we received many nice gifts.

My friend Katrina asked me who I wanted to speak at the shower, and I told her that I didn't have any one person in mind, so she picked. My friends Becky and her daughter Kerigan shared, and it was so special. They are the ones we got our cat from, and through the critter, we've become good friends. I just love their family!!

Becky and Kerigan sharing their wisdom.

One of several hand-made blankets that we got.

Every baby needs a frog pod for the bath tub!

We received so many nice things. One of the best was our diaper champ. We no longer have to bag up stinky diapers to take out to the trash. I had started bagging then and then tossing them out the back window onto the patio for Mark to take to the trash the next morning :) We are both glad that we don't have to worry about that anymore! One of the really nice things about the diaper champ is that you can use regular bags with it--you don't have to buy special ones.

We also received our diaper bags, next size up car seat (yeah!), clothes, toys, and all kinds of other good things. We are truly blessed.

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