Monday, December 24, 2007

Who Knew?

I would have never guessed that finding 184 diapers on your front step would be so exciting! Thanks, Kristen!!!


Sarah said...

Yeah for extra diapers. Sorry for not calling you back. Things have been a little crazy here. I'll try to call on Thursday. Have you tried a different nipple than the kind he is using now. See if you can find a tri-flow nipple. It has three different flows on one nipple. You can adjust it for how much milk you want to come out. That might work for Steven. Keep trying different nipples until you find one that doesn't drowned him and that doesn't frustrate him. Sometimes it takes awhile to find just the right one. Feel free to call or email or blog any question. I'm always up for that. :o) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your new baby. Enjoy each moment. They are so precious.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! :)
I got your voicemail, but my cell was broken and it was the last time it turned on. I have a new phone now though.
I loved the pictures your Dad posted on Facebook!!
We used Playtext VentAire bottles and then Avent. Everyone seems to love Dr. Brown's too.
Btw - checkout It's a great network to be part of and people are always offering baby clothes in our area.
As soon as you register you should get some good coupons for formula and diapers too. We actually got a lot of Enfamil "samples" in the mail which I used interchabely with the generic brand with no problem.
oh - and Target sells a great generic brand of Mylicon (baby gas drops) that also saved us a bundle.