Saturday, December 15, 2007

Introducing Steven James!!

Today we met our little guy, and we absolutely LOVE him!! We stayed for about an hour and got to feed him and everything. We took over the cutest little outfit, but it was way too big for him--the pants would have come up to his little nose! We would have gotten him one in newborn size, but they didn't have any :( But, we did get to put on his little Christmas onsie!

Notice that in almost all the pictures he is looking at us!


Brittany said...

aww! Steven is so lucky to have you as parents! I need to find Matthew one of those onesies; it's sooo cute!

I love how he is looking at you in all of the photos. He knows you're his mommy and daddy! HOW EXCITING! :)

Maddie and Jack's Mommy said...

WOW! What an amazing gift he is! We cannot wait to meet him and hold him. He is beautiful. You will love having a son...they are precious (especially to their mommas!). Congratulations...let us know what you need!

Megan C. said...

Wow! How exciting. Were you just amazed as you held him thinking that he is YOUR son!? That's pretty amazing.