Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Day of Firsts

Today's been a big day for both Steven and us. We're getting to know each other and learn how life is going to work. In the process, we've had some small adventures.

1. Mommy got to experience green buggers. It was not a good sign when she started dry heaving :(

2. Steven got to hang out in a swing that someone is loaning us, and he LOVED it. He slept in it for hours, which allowed us to actually get a few small things done. He does a really good job of focusing and tracking things, and he enjoyed watching the fish rotating on the mobile.

3. Steven also got his first bath at our house. He did really well and didn't really fuss at all! It was a bit of a challenge for us, but we all came out cleaner in the end :)

Yum! The burb cloth from Aunt Rachel must be very tasty!

Look at those curls!

4. Steven is sleeping in a borrowed bassinette tonight. I placed a rolled blanket under part of the mattress so he'd be on an incline. I also put him on his side. We're hoping that he'll sleep tonight! (And since we now know that he sleeps in the swing, we have a back up plan!)

Well, mom and dad are off to bed. Tomorrow we'll post pictures of his newly painted nursery. Grandma (and Grandpa if he starts feeling better) is coming over to set up the crib, and then we can start getting our house back in order. (Probably a lost cause, but I'm being optimistic!)

Have a good night!


Brittany said...

I love your optimism! After having a baby, life really never is "back in order," but it's the best kind of chaos you'll experience! :)

Steven looks like he is settling right in! :) We all can't wait to meet him, down here in Ohio! :)

stephanie garcia said...

Our first time giving our first baby a bath, we were all thumbs! I think it was the first time she cried for some reason other than needing a bottle or diaper change ... and then promptly fell asleep afterwards! I think we wore her out with our antics! (: