Sunday, December 23, 2007

The New Swing!

On Wednesday, we got a nice surprise when we opened the front door! My Aunt Becky bought us our swing, and it has been amazing. Steven just loves it, and he takes most of his naps in it. He even tracks the bird and butterflies on the mobile, and eventually he'll notice the mirror above him.

We have just been so blessed by everything that people have done for us. My friend Rachel came over on Thursday to help me out while Mark was at work, and I definitely needed her there that day! She was great to just help me out and keep me company (and keep me sane!). She also called on Tuesday to find out what we needed and showed up a little bit later with burp cloths and receiving blankets.

Our Sunday School class has been bringing over meals, and our friends Kris and Katrina have been invaluable. They are letting us use their car seat and their son's clothes and have given us a lot of encouragement and advice (part of which was to only follow other people's advice if we wanted to, including theirs!). Katrina also helped me out with my Target registry and is coordinating our shower (Jan. 7th--the same night as OSU's national championship game!).

Other friends have prayed, offered use of various items, and given us very cute gifts. It is just so awesome to be a part of a family of Christians!


Sarah said...

Wow, you guys have been really busy getting everything put together. The room looks awesome!! It is so cute. The pictures of him are fun to look at, especially since I am too far away to visit. Just to let you know, the bumpers in the crib are dangerous for babies. When they are able to scoot they often scoot into a corner. If there is stuffed animals or bedding (bumpers) it can cause the baby to sufficate. The recommendations by pediatricians and other kids support groups are to leave out the bumpers and stuffed animals until they are big enough to crawl back and move their head away from a sufficating situation. Just wanted to let you know. Keep the pictures coming. We love them.

stephanie garcia said...

He looks absolutely content in his swing! (: