Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bye Bye Froggy Potty!

The Little Buddy has apparently decided that he will only use the "big potty" and is no longer willing/interested in using his froggy potty. I had forgotten that I had picked up a seat that attaches to the toilet at a garage sale who knows how long ago and pulled it out a few weeks ago. It's quite the seat--high back, arms rests, what more could you ask for?! He loves it, and even better yet, he's been using it.

He still wears diapers when sleeping, and since he's in a crib, I don't see that changing anytime soon. He does wake up dry from his naps a good deal of the time, but it isn't worth risking him waking up early because he's wet and having to always change his sheets.

He has also been wearing them when we leave the house, but honestly, that just a convenience factor for us. It's really time to start changing that, so I had him wear his underwear out today when we took Michelle to the doctor, and he did just fine. He went both before we left and after we came home without any problems. I think it's about time we cut out all daytime diapers. Exciting? Yes. Scary? Even more so.

I can't believe my Little Buddy is getting so big!


jg_rollins said...

I got a great piece of advice to take a towel to restaurants etc, so that if they go while sitting down and have an accident it won't be a mortifying situation:)
Good Luck!

marry said...

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