Friday, December 11, 2009

Putting Up the Tree

I didn't take any pictures of the ornaments going up since I was helping, but I did take a few pictures afterwards.

Steven was a big "helper" this year. We finally got a system down where I unwrapped the ornaments, handed them to Steven, and then he told Daddy where to put them. Of course some of the ornaments were off-limits, but there were enough that he could have to keep him busy.

We also pulled out his Little People nativity, and Mark spent some time setting it up under the tree and telling Steven who the different characters were. Last year he knew who Baby Jesus was as well as the sheep and maybe Mary (Jesus's Mommy). I'm not sure that Michelle will catch that much this year, but we'll definitely be working with her.

Working with Daddy

Baby Sis Going to Investigate

A Full View of the Tree

Playing with the Nativity
(and upset that the wrapping paper she was eating got confiscated)

The Over Tired Girl Having a Melt Down

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