Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Years Ago Today, No, Yesterday. . .

Apparently I'm not as good with dates as I thought.

Two years ago yesterday, our social worker took our portfolio and one other to Auntie E's house to show her. At that time, there weren't any approved families with our office open to adopting a black baby (which is a national problem to the point that foreigners come here to adopt them), so Auntie E's options were limited. The other couple was in the same situation as we were--almost finished with paperwork but not yet approved.

It was a very long day for me as I waited to hear back from our social worker. I knew that she was going up there in the morning, and as each hour passed without hearing something, it got harder and harder. At this point, very few people knew about the situation, but it was obvious that they were praying for us.

That afternoon, I finally called our social worker to find out what happened. I was discouraged when she said that she had driven to Auntie E's house only to find that she wasn't there, and despite repeated attempts, she never did get a hold of her that day.

We ended up meeting with our social worker that night to talk about the financial aspect of the adoption. We had taken out an adoption loan for Steven's adoption and really didn't want to take out another one. One reason we went with our agency (Bethany Christian Services) was because they work on a sliding scale. They discount every adoption through fund raising, and that made a huge difference for us. The agency helped us out as much as they could, and we had complete peace about the situation, well the financial aspect at least :)

The waiting wasn't quite so easy!

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