Monday, January 19, 2009

"Playing" Together

Steven enjoys playing with Michelle when she is in her car seat. He loves the window in the visor and plays peek-a-boo with her using it. He also loves opening and closing the visor, and the one time I even heard him say "boo" when he opened it and looked at her.

Michelle is extremely tolerant of him, but I definately keep a close eye on him. He's good at being "gentle" with the critters, but his version of gentle isn't quite gentle enough for a newborn :)

In these pictures, he was rocking her in her carseat, and she was at least somewhat enjoying it--she cried at one point when he stopped!

Steven loves clapping for himself when he does something, and here he is clapping for himself after rocking her back and forth. Can you tell he gets a lot of positive reinforcement at home??

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Anonymous said...

that is so precious!!