Monday, January 19, 2009

First Dress!

I have always been a very girly girl, and it is so much fun to have a little girl to dress up! I found this little dress at Target on clearance for only $2.48, so I had to buy it. (I went back yesterday and bought another one in a larger size.) Michelle also had a headband on when we went out, but I took it off her when we got to my parents' house because it leaves a bit of a dent in her head :( It's not too tight, though, because Steven likes to wear it (he tries to put it on his head every time he sees it), and I have been seen sporting that look too. Oh the things you do for your kids!

As you can see, she's highly impressed by her dress!


Melodie said...

she's such a pretty girl. it looks like you are enjoying your family of 4!

Molly said...

Sadie's head bands do the same thing and I know they aren't too tight! I think it's just that their skin is so sensitive that it just leaves a mark for a bit!

Love that dress, isn't target great!

So glad you are enjoying dressing your baby girl up too!

Keri Harrison said...

She looks so much like Steven when he was that little. :)

Pam said...

She is so beautiful!