Saturday, January 24, 2009


Steven got two new teeth in the past week and a half! He got his first two in August (?) and then hadn't gotten any more since. He got one of his upper front teeth (left) as well as the one next to it (not the other front tooth!). It makes his teeth look funky, but I think he's getting more because he's been chewing his fingers non stop and usually doesn't do that. He's also drooling like crazy, which means that both of our clothes are wet!

Steven also gave me my first kiss last Saturday :) He would kiss toys and the dog but never a person. It was always cute because he makes the kissing noise and then puts his lips on the object. I opted for a kiss on the cheek because they are very wet kisses (remember all the drooling??).

Steven's also walking more and more, although some days he spends more time falling down than walking. He is so proud of himself when he walks, but he still crawls when he's in a hurry (usually when he sees a remote or cell phone within reach!). I thought we'd have a walker by now, but I'm not worried. It will be nice, though, when I don't have to carry both of them when we leave the house!

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