Sunday, September 9, 2007

More Garage Sale Finds!

Yesterday Mark and I went to two garage sales (right next door to each other), and we got several really good buys. The first one was this children's rocking chair. It was really wobbly, but once my mom tightened all the screws, it was as sturdy as can be. All we have to do is clean the wood, and we picked up wood cleaner on our way home from church today.

I took a picture of it next to the dog so you can get a good idea of its size. For some reason, Sadie was afraid of the chair, so everytime I moved it next to her, she moved away. I finally got her to stay, but she sure was relieved when I told her she could leave. We have such a strange dog!

We also bought 57 children's books (all in new or nearly new condition!), and a little basketball hoop thing. We got all of this, including the rocking chair, for only $10!!! What a blessing!

God has already provided so many things for our little one through garage sales--Mark and I have been amazed at some of the items God has provided for so little money! I am excited to see what He has planned for us next. God is good. All the time.


Mommee and Her Boys said...

You guys are so cute! :) What a blessed baby you have, already! :) Your future child has no idea what special and loving parents he or she has! :)

BECKY LYNN said...

That is so wonderful. I love seeing how God works and isn't it confirmation? Confirmation that this is God's hand and that He has your child specially picked out for you. I agree with the previous comment. Your baby is so blessed to have you two as parents :) Miss you! Oh, by the way....we have some nosy members of our family and we are keeping the foster application process and everything a secret for now (we will tell them later on, as it comes closer). So, I deleted your comment on my xanga site. I just don't want them seeing and shooting us down because I can't handle that....and it is not my family, it is Greg;s :) So, thanks for understanding! I plan on writing about it as the process gets going. We are right now WAITING....I hate this part. We keep calling to find out the next steps and sign up for the classes. We have to have 36 hours of training as the next step and I want to get involved in it.....but they need to send us the info. I hate waiting. Isn't it torture? Anyway, just message me on xanga and I'll tell you all about it :)

Megan C. said...

I love good garage sale finds! I went garage saling this weekend for the first time in a long while. I found 2 Christmas presents for family and a little xylaphone piano for the baby. I'm hoping to find a sale that has lots of baby stuff.

Sarah said...

Your garage sale finds are awesome. All that for just $10 is great. I love the little rocking chair. The baby will love it for sure. Sounds like you guys are busy and doing great. Miss you!