Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mad-dog Mattie!

My parents' dog, Mattie, is staying with us for a few days while my parents and Katie take Lauren to BBC. Sadie and Mattie are best friends, so they have enjoyed playing together.
They roughhouse, take a nap, roughhouse, take another nap, bark at the neighbor's dog, take a nap. Right now they are napping. Mattie's in the office with me, and Sadie is probably still in the living rom. Sadie always enjoys having Mattie over to play!
Mattie, the Christmas dog
Mattie and Sadie, playing in the sprinkler
(the early years)

A Birthday Party

(the early years)


Sarah said...

The dogs are so cute together. I love the one of them with birthday hats on. So funny!!

Keri Harrison said...
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Keri Harrison said...

Hey! I LOVE the birthday hat picture! :) Check out what happened to Shadow on my blog.