Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lauren!!

Happy 19th birthday, Lauren!!

Playing Princess

Costa Rica with Brooke and the Puppet

Harry Potter!!

Spirit Week??

This is Lauren's last week at home before heading off to BBC. Some of you haven't seen her since we moved and she was in 5th grade or at our wedding (when I was still taller than her!). Hard to believe she's off to college, isn't it??


Megan C. said...

I looked at those pictures and can see no resemblance to the Lauren I remember from 10 years ago. Definitely can't believe she's going to college!

Becky Lynn P. said...

Yes, I am (obviously) one of those who remembers her as a 5th grader. It is unreal how when we remember people, it is as they were when we knew them and we don't take "growing up" into account. I have been thinking about you and Mark a lot lately. We are filling out all our paperwork for foster care this week. Wouldn't it be great if we were still neighbors and could do all this together? I miss you :) I am SO GLAD you got me into quilting too....I have started a little ebay "business" and have sold 2 quilts and have 2 more orders right now. It is so much fun. Have a great day today!