Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pictures from the Yard

We used to have 3 forsynthia bushes by our fence, but they have been dying, so we replaced them with burning bushes (there are 3 even though you can only see 2 in the picture). The tag says that they are "fast growing," but we don't know how fast that really is. Hopefully they start growing really soon!

I have been looking at windchimes for several years, and I finally got one to put on our tree. I am sure that I drove people crazy at the store because I kept on sounding off the two that I was considering. I wanted to be sure that I got the right one. The picture isn't great--it was an overcast day today--but you can still see it if you look hard enough.

These are my yellow and purple flowers. The yellow flowers are the only annuals I bought (other than the hanging basket). I was at the end of my patience, so when we found something that we kind of liked, we bought them. I know that the yellow flowers are some sort of tropical marigolds. I don't remember what the purple flowers are.

These are the hostas that I divided. I had two yellow ones, and one of those I split and put in the front yard. I only had one green one, but it was so healthy that I was able to split it into thirds. My purple phlox aren't doing the greatest, but I think that they will recover. It will be nice when they fill out and go over the bricks!

This is my vegetable garden (the one that I had to take all of the rocks out of). Mark's is behind the garage, but there isn't too much to see in it yet since most of his plants are seeds. I got the little white fence for free at a garage sale, and I am using it as a visual barrier for the dog.

So far, she hasn't bothered any of my plants except for the irises in the corner of the yard. (She thinks it is necessary to run the whole length of the fence when someone/something walks by.) After I get rid of the irises (hopefully soon!), I will put up a barrier so she can't trample the new plants. We'll see if that works.

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Sarah said...

You have such a pretty yard. I bet your dog just loves running around out there.