Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Upcoming Trip

Two weeks from today, Mark and I leave for our longest trip yet--2 1/2 weeks! We are going to Clarks Summit to see Mark's family and will be there for his little sister's graduation party. Unfortunately, we are missing her graduation next week, but we can't make it to both. My little sister is graduating two weeks from yesterday, so we are going to her graduation and to Beth's party. Here is a look back at our sisters.

Beth and family visiting us when we lived in our married students apartment in Cedarville.

The three girls with our traditional Old Navy fleece Christmas picture. This was year one of that tradition, and it lasted for 6? years. You can only have so many fleeces! Oh, this is from our first Christmas in Nebraska.

After spending a few days in Clarks Summit, we are heading up to Bar Harbor. We are staying at the same hotel we stayed in on our honeymoon and will be there for a few days. After a few days in Bar Harbor we will take the cat across to Nova Scotia--Mark is SO excited about taking the cat. He wanted to on our honeymoon, but it was too expensive, and we had no real reason to (other than the fact that he thought it would be fun to be on a ferry for six hours just to see for himself how fast it is!).

The view from our hotel room in Bar Harbor.

Mark spotted the cat while we were on a harbor cruise. Here is one of the many pictures he took of it. He was so excited to see it!

We are staying with Mark's grandparents in Nova Scotia, and he is excited to show me all the places he used to go when he was younger. I have never been up there, so this trip really means a lot to Mark. After Nova Scotia, we are heading to Prince Edward Island. We are doing the whole Anne of Green Gables thing. I am excited because I did my final project for my master's on Anne of Green Gables.

Mark with Nana and Grampie c. 1998.

After that, we are coming home, which takes at least three days. Hopefully we will get to spend a few extra days with his family on the way home. We still haven't finalized our plans.

The big down side to the trip is that we are leaving before Spring Quarter ends (I had to find a sub for my last class since it is the same night as Lauren's graduation), so I have to get all my grades done early if I don't want to have to worry about them at Mark's parent's house.

AND we get back the day before Summer Quarter begins. Fortunately, my classes are on Wednesday and Thursday, so I will have two days before I have to be back at school. However, I have a lot more prep work to do this time since I have to change my 10 week class into a 9 week class for one section and an 8 week class for the other.

I have no idea how I am going to do this! The students have so much homework to do as it is (it is a writing course), and the class can't progress until they have different projects/documents done. It will be extra hard since my classes won't be on the same schedule. It is giving me a headache to just think about it!

Still, I am glad that we are going on this trip. I know that we will have tons of pictures to share when we get back!


Sarah said...

Wow, you are becoming quite the blogger. I love all the pictures of you guys and your family too. Sounds like the trip will be very fun for you and Mark. Have fun figuring out classes. That must be such a headache.

Becky P. said...

Oh my goodness....I am SO JEALOUS! What an amazing sounding trip.....especially the PE Island/Anne of GReen Gables thing. I hope that SOMEDAY I will be able to get up there. Please take lots of picture and guide us through it! Have an amazing and relaxing time!