Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Allergy Update

I took Michelle to the allergist today, and I absolutely LOVED him! He spent a lot of time with us and answered every question I could think of (not that I had very many, but still). He thinks that Michelle is allergic to both walnuts and eggs, which would explain why she always spits them out when we give them to her. She's probably allergic to pecans as well because most people allergic to walnuts are also allergic to pecans.

He also looked at her leg because that's where her excema is the worst, and it really flared up when she had the reaction to the walnuts. He gave me a prescription cream and told me that even though it is darker brown and not red, it is flared up. The doctor has darker skin that I do, so he's more of an expert on this than anyone I've talked to so far. He also told me to stop using cocoa butter and go back to Eucerin (which is considerably more expensive, even when you buy the store brand).

After the visit, I took Michelle to get blood drawn. At first they told me that they could do it through her heel (yay!!) because she isn't walking yet. However, once we got there, they said that they needed too much blood to do that. I was nervous about how that would go since I have a hard time when they draw blood from me, but she acted as if it were no big deal. She didn't even flinch!

We go back in two weeks to find out the blood test results. The doctor already warned us that they might come back as false negatives because she still has some Benadryl in her system. (And if that happens, they'll repeat the tests.) She'll also have further tests done in the office, and we'll come up with a diet/treatment plan.

Michelle was definitely a trooper, but we both came home exhausted (although she had the luxury to take a nap in the car). I was definitely impressed with the doctor, and I was encouraged by what he had to say.

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Blueberry said...

that is so great! i'm glad it was such a positive experience for you both.

and those owl valentines bean and i made, you can find the directions at the family fun magazine website.