Sunday, January 17, 2010

What I've Been Up To

1. I ordered and picked up our Christmas cards. Yep, you read that right--Christmas cards. My goal is to get them mailed this week!

2. I started a new Bible study, and I'm very excited about it. I couldn't do it in the fall because it was going to be too much with my teaching schedule. It's a lot of work to get the kids out the door by myself, but it was so worth it!

3. My class started this week, and it went well. I have about 25 students in a rather small classroom (the smallest I've had in my 5 years there), so that makes it a bit of a challenge. The room is in a main hallway, so I can't keep the door open too much. It's also the only room I've ever taught in that doesn't have a thermostat. (Of course, they locked them all a few years ago, but still!)

4. I got pulled over for the first time ever. It was on my way home from class Thursday night, and the yellow light I went through turned red sooner than I expected. Seriously, though, if you slam on your brakes to stop here in Michigan, you're just asking to get rear ended! I got a ticket, but at least the officer wrote it for a seat belt violation instead of running a red (or more accurately, yellow!) light. It won't affect my insurance or give me points on my license, and it is a lower fine. It was an interesting experience, esp. since the officer had a lollipop in his mouth the entire time. Good thing Steven wasn't with me--he would have wanted it for himself!

5. I rearranged the kids' bedroom. They now share a room, and I had to take out one bookshelf, but I managed to fit everything else in without it looking crowded. I'm thrilled that it's working out for them to be in the same room--I love having the office back!

6. I got Michelle's scrapbook completely caught up and am ready to start working on Steven's. I have a huge pile of pages for Auntie E, but I don't know when/how I'll get them to her. Mailing them would be convenient, but we aren't really comfortable putting our return address on it, and I've worked way too hard (and spent too much money) to risk them getting lost in the mail. I'm going to be stuck soon, though, because I've run out of plastic pages, and the scrapbook shop I get them out went out of business. They don't carry them at JoAnne's, and I'm pretty sure Michael's doesn't have them either :(

Other than that, I've just been busy with the kids, folding laundry, and doing stuff like making three pounds of meatballs :)

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Life with Kaishon said...

I am laughing my head off about the Christmas cards. I still have to send Lauren her wedding card so I am ALL about procrastination!

In Philadelphia they have cameras on all the lights on broad street. That is insane. I have gotten so many tickets. They are only $30 but still. The picture shows you that the light is red, but it is always when I am almost completely at the other side. AND every single time I have gotten one, you can see cars behind me going right behind me. Well, shouldn't that tell them something... Like I would be DEAD if I slammed on my brakes?