Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Mysterious Case of the Naked Peanut and The Three Way Call with the PD

Can you tell what kind of day it's been around here?? The day started early when the kids woke up before I was ready for them to, so I did what any good mom does--I let them watch tv :) For soem reason, Steven thinks it's the coolest thing EVER to watch his Raffi dvd on the computer while sitting in his crib. Throw in raisins and ritz, and it's his own personal heaven. I don't let him do it too often, but when I need some time to myself, I let him have this little treat. How can I say no to him sitting in his crib for an hour or so?!

Today I put Steven in Michelle's crib, gave them sippy cups and some crackers, and turned on Raffi. An hour or so later, I hear Michelle screaming. I could tell that she wasn't hurt, but she was MAD. Seriously mad. I didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't what I found. Michelle, stark naked. Footie pjs? Gone. Socks? Gone. Diaper? Definitely gone. Of course, I ran and grabbed the camera before helping her, but unfortunately, this is the only picture appropriate to post :(

I asked Steven what happened, and his response was "She no want it on! She no want it on!" I also asked him where the diaper was since I couldn't find it, and he pointed it and told me that it was in the basket of clean cloth diapers.

I still haven't figured out how it all happened. I don't think Michelle could have gotten her pj's unsnapped, unzipped, and off. Now taking the diaper off she could have done. She's tried to get her diaper off in the past, but I've always caught her in the act. If only we had a video monitor. . .

Tonight, while Mark was changing Michelle's diaper, Steven got a hold of my cell phone. (I forgot it when I ran out the door for work.) Mark grabbed it from him as soon as he saw him with it, not knowing that Steven had placed a couple calls until his parents called him. They had the most unusual message on their answering machine. It was from our local police department and was listing the different departments and their extensions. (They live 8+ hours away.) When they listed to it again, they heard a little boy talking too. Apparently Steven called the police and then my in-laws, facilitating a nice little three way call. I swear, this kid never stops!


Kristen said...

LOL!! Great post!

Sarah Kuhner said...

Kids will never ever leave you with nothing to post. What a great story to tell them when they are older. I got a good laugh.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness Bekah! This is the funniest story ever! How in the world did he three way call someone! I don't even know how to do that on my phone! And the police department... SO funny!

My sister Betsy is pregnant and she is having a girl and she is horrified. She says her two little boys are so easy but she thinks the girl will be a handful! I say, girls are NOTHING compared to boys : ). Especially when they are little : ).