Monday, January 25, 2010


I took the kids in for their 1 year and 2 year appointments last week, and Steven is still growing (of course!). He is now 36.5 inches and 33 pounds. That's an inch taller than he was two months ago. He is very, very busy and loves to dance and listen to music. His favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba, and he listens to their cd at least once a day. Interestingly enough, his favorite song is "Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose."

He loves his sister and is (usually) very nice and somewhat gentle with her. They wrestle together, but Michelle dishes it out just as much as he does :)

His favorite food is peanute butter and jelly sandwhiches, which he pulls apart and licks off all the jelly before eating. He also loves cheese roll-ups (cheese in tortilla shells) and calls them "Taco Bells."

He is day time potty trained, and I'm just about ready to work on nap time and night time potty trained. The tricky part will be that he still sleeps in a crib, and we aren't ready to move him to a toddler bed. He would spend half his time playing instead of sleeping, and now that he and Michelle share a room, he'd probably harass her half the night too. He's sleeping through the night again after having a period of nightmares, so we're sleeping through the night again too. (Yay!!)

He's still a snuggle bug, which we love. . .most of the time :)

He insisted getting his picture taken in his outfit of choice--gloves, underpants (although he wanted to skip those!), and Michelle's headband. However, he wouldn't turn around, so he must have wanted it of his backside!

Notice the layer of stickers on his chest?? He is a sticker fanatic, and he piles them on his chest every chance he gets.

I never really wanted to have a boy, but I'm sure glad we did! I can't imagine life without my Little Buddy!


stephanie garcia said...

What a big boy! Steven is 13 pounds heavier than our 2 year old!

Pam said...

SUCH cute photos! He is stylin' in that headband. :-)

stephanie garcia said...

Rebekah, Tell Steven he can come over to play anytime! :) Seriously, when we are in the States on furlough we should try to schedule that playdate!