Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Potty Training

We started introducing Steven to the concept of using a potty chair a month or so ago, and it went pretty well at first. He initiated it by seeing a potty chair and telling us what it was. He loved sitting on it, and we had a hard time getting him off it at first. However, he started wanting to sit on it only if he had his clothes on. I finally figured out that the splash guard was the problem. I don't blame him for not wanting to be naked on it!

So on Saturday, I stopped by Target and got him a new potty seat that doesn't have a collapsible splash guard and instead just has a raised front. I also bought him some Sesame Street underwear and brought it home. After his nap, we showed him the seat and had him sit on it. I gave him as much lemonade as he wanted (a first for him) and turned on Sesame Street. After sitting there for a very long time, he went. We made a big deal of it and gave him two garage sale stickers. He loves stickers and immediately put them on his shirt.

He's done well so far. He's gone in his potty each day, and today he was only on it for 10 minutes or so before going. He jumped up and seemed to understand what was going on. We made a big deal of flushing it and washing our hands. I couldn't find our stickers for the life of me, so I gave him two pieces of scotch tape. He thought it was just as cool :)

He just got up from his nap, and he's back on his potty seat. It's in our living room with a big plastic mat under it, and he knows that he can watch either his Elmo tape or Sesame Street if he's on it. So far, that system's working really well. I generally don't let him watch much tv, but we're making an exception for this. I know it will be a while, but I can't wait to only have one in diapers!


Melodie said...

look at that big ole belly. yay for steven! sounds like he is catching on and doing great. he is a cutie!

lauren said...

don't they sell sesame street underwear at garage sales?