Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Good Night

We got together with two other couples and their kids tonight for a cook out, and we had a great time. It had been so long since we had gotten together with friends either as a couple or a family, and the kids both enjoyed themselves as well. Michelle went in the pool for the first time, and she is as much of a water bug as Steven is. It might finally be time to get our pool out and let them splash around in it!

Steven didn't want to get in the water today, but he was definitely into the bubbles. He LOVES bubbles, but he wants to do them himself. This means that there usually aren't any bubbles, but since there was more than one bubble wand, he didn't have to worry about that.

By the end of the night, after they had eaten dinner, played with all kinds of toys, and had ice cream and marshmallows (well, Steven at least got to do that), they were two worn out kids. And we were very ready to put them in bed and crash too :)

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stephanie garcia said...

Fellowship like this is always sweet!