Friday, May 15, 2009

Lovin' on Baby

Steven loves "baby" so much, and it's amazing to watch them interact with each other. He often goes and comforts her when she's crying, and he likes to go see her when she's in her swing (and stopping it as a result). He's also learning to share with her because one of the toys I give her to chew on is a monkey that hangs on her playmat. I usually shove it in her mouth when she starts sucking her thumb :) Steven hadn't seen or played with the monkey for a long time, but monkeys are his all-time favorite thing. He's been doing pretty well, though, sharing it with her.

"Here you go, baby!"

Giving her the toy bar.

"Hmm. . .maybe it goes this way."

Trying again. . .

. . .and again.

So proud of himself even though the toy bar is no where to be seen :)