Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthmother's Day!

On Friday, we met up with Aunt E and the rest of her kids to celebrate an early Birthmother's Day since I work on Saturdays. We decided to go to Chuck E Cheese with all SIX kids, and we had an absolute blast! I found some great coupons online, so it didn't cost us nearly as much as it could have (probably less than half!), and that made it even better.

Steven had never been there before, and he loved it. Of course, every time we see Aunt E, he gets to eat all the yummy food he doesn't get at home. For dinner that night, he had pizza (3 pieces!) and Sprite. I did give him some applesauce though :) I don't have a problem with him eating like that every once in a great while, and I don't want him to feel out of place when we spend time with them.

It was the first time that Mark has spent an extended period of time with Aunt E (and only the third time he's ever seen her!), and it was the first time he met her other kids. He was pretty tense at first, but he eventually relaxed and played with them a little bit. It was fun to hear him ask Steven if he wanted to go play with his sister in the climbing tubes :) Steven really enjoyed playing with the other kids and warmed up to them very quickly. It helped that he had a nice long nap before we went unlike last time.

He was pooped out when we left--I don't know if he even made it five minutes in the car. Aunt E said her kids were the same way. Mark carried Steven in the house and put him in his crib, and he didn't even make a peep. He then slept in until 12:45 Saturday! (Michelle slept in to noon, so Mark had a very productive morning.)

We got some great pictures, but not many that I can post here. If you want to see the other ones, they're on my picasa site. If you need the password (case sensitive), let me know.

His favorite ride.

Yummy pizza!

Driving with Chuck.

Hanging out and watching the bags.


Melodie said...

what a blessing for you guys to get to spend the day with her and her family. and i can't believe your kids sleep so late! lucky girl you are! we are up by 7:30 every morning.

Earl's Family said...

That is a really cool story! I would lve to see pictures. Could you facebook me the link and password? I am sure I probably have it somewhere but think it must have gotten deleted!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am so glad you had such a great time and that you have a good relationship with your childrens birth mom. That is nice too that Mark was comfortable with them. And wow, HOW DID YOU GET YOUR KIDS TO LEARN TO SLEEP IN SO LONG?????

Anonymous said...

homeschool!! Afternoon hours!