Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gorgeous Day!

Today was bright and sunny and close to 70 degrees. It was amazing! Steven and I spent most of the day outside, and Michelle joined us at times too :) I had to take Michelle to the doctor this morning, and after her appointment, it was too nice outside to just go home, so we spent over an hour walking around the little town where her doctor is. Steven was having the time of his life! At one point, he was laying back in his stroller seat, with his head all the way back, legs up and pointing out, and his arms spread wide. It must have been like a motorcyle ride for him. It was so cute!

When we finally left, he cried and cried. He was having way too much fun! When we got home, I took both him and Michelle for a walk. I pushed Steven in his car and pulled Michelle (still in her carseat) in a wagon. I'm sure we looked quite strange! I don't know how many walks we went on, but I spent more time outside today than the last six months combined! Too bad the weather is changing tomorrow :(

Taking the car for a spin.

Hmm. . .what's the best way to do this?

Got it all figured out!

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Pam said...

We spent most of the day outside too, it was glorious!!