Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ears and a Thumb

**Update: We've been pushing the pacifier, and so far it is working! Of course, that may also be because she's now wearing mittens around the clock :)**

I still don't have any great pictures of Michelle's ears, but these will have to do. I almost hate to post them because she looks so much cuter than you can tell in these pictures!

This week Michelle also discovered her thumb, much to my dismay. She wasn't all that interested in her pacifier, so I didn't do much with it. I never expected her to start going for her thumb since Steven gave up his pacifier on his own when he was 5 months or so.

I hate the idea of her sucking her thumb; it can be an impossible habit to break. I'm trying to decide whether or not to push the pacifier. If I really thought it would work, I'd do it. Any advice?

Still, you can't deny how cute she is!


Molly said...

So cute! As hard as it is to break a kid of sure is cute when they are this little and find thier own means to pacify themselves!

No advice. I sucked my thumb and all 3 of my sisters did as well. Luckily, my guys were pacifier guys. They didn't break themselves of it, we had to around 18 months and it was hard. I think either way it can be hard, but at least with a paci you can take it away at some point!

Love the earrings...she does have great lobes! I am going to try and take Sadie in this soon as I can get my hands on some numbing cream. Did you guys just go to the mall?

Katrina said...

There are definitely mixed opinions on whether or not you can convince her with the pacifier. All I know is that when Simeon was about that age, he had a few days of sucking his thumb, too. Kris had me force the pacifier big time for a few days and it seemed to help. Now he seems to only be interested in his pacifier.

Good luck!

stephanie garcia said...

Adorable! Her earrings look so pretty.

Megan said...

Taeya took her pacifier until she was 4 months. Then, out came the paci and in when her two fingers. I tried briefly to fight it but could see it wouldn't work so the two fingers it is.

Taeya prettymuch only sucks her fingers when she's tired and in bed or heading to bed. One thing I read somewhere that seemed like a great idea was to give them a special blanket to hold while they suck their finger/thumb. When they get old enough, take the blanket away and the finger sucking stops too. Easier said than done I'm sure. I wasn't too keen on the finger sucking but now I'm okay with it. It definitely helps her calm herself down at night.

The earrings are so cute. I love baby girls with earrings. Have you received any negative comments yet? I was surprised that some people felt so strongly although almost all were very positive.

Anonymous said...

I hated it too when we had to start Gabi on it, but the alternative (never sleeping more than an hour and holding the paci in) was much worse. She still does it for nap and bedtime but I'm pretty glad we didn't have to go through the knock down drag out of taking a pacifier away from a 1 or 2 year old :) So, maybe you'll end up getting some more sleep out of it.
The earrings are very cute :)`

Sarah said...

We are giving Hannah a pacifier and I love the ease of getting her quiet fast. We also let her self pacify with her hands. I think it is really good for babies to explore with their hands and learn to get them to their mouths. Developmentally it is really good for them. I would definitely push the pacifier at the same time though. She is just adorable!!