Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We are in Maine!

We arrived in Bar Harbor around 5:00 this evening. It would have been earlier, but we spent a lot of time at Walmart. It is the last real place before you get to Bar Harbor, and we wanted to get some water bottles and look at memory cards for our camera. Our fairly new memory card is corrupted (and I lost all my pictures on it!), so we are borrowing one from Mark's parents. (We have other really small ones, but we didn't want to have to worry about running out of space.) We didn't find anything in our price range at Walmart, but we did get the water bottles!

Our room is exactly how we remembered it, except that it now has a messaging recliner in it! It is easy to just sit there, with the chair remote, tv remote, and air conditioning remote, and forget about everything else!

Tomorrow we are going to explore downtown and then have dinner at the Rose Garden. OnWednesday (or maybe tomorrow), we are probably going to go on an Acadia National Park cruise. Last time we went on a trolley tour, and this sounds like a fun way to see a different side of the park. We are also talking about renting a canoe or possibly a tandem kyak and exploring Long Pond, the largest lake in the park. We are NOT going in the ocean. I am afraid of being swallowed by a whale. Last year I was afraid of falling over Niagara Falls, and I did manage to avoid that, but I am not risking this!

When I called to make our reservations last week, I tried all the different discounts that I could think of to make the stay more affordable (except for my classic "poor people discount"), but I didn't get anything great. However, shortly after we checked in today, they brought up a bucket of ice with sparkling cider and two glasses and a congratulations card for our anniversary. That was very cool!

I will try to post some pictures tomorrow. I am not sure if we lost our C.S./LJ's grad ones, but I think we might have. Mark is asleep, so I can't ask him (and if he realizes that I am still up. . .).


Sarah said...

Have fun up in Maine. That is so awesome that you guys get to enjoy your anniversary there. I can't wait to see some pictures.

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