Monday, June 4, 2007


Last week I went to several of Lauren's soccer games. They were undefeated in the regular season for the last two years, and this was one of their play off games. The first two play off games, they mercied the other teams, including this one. Unfortunately, they lost the next game (to the same team that knocked them out last year too). However, they had a great season.

Way to go Lauren!

The soccer star who was so excited to get her picture taken after the game!

Some family pictures--I really don't have many of them.

It was an incredibly hot and humid day, but at least there was a breeze. If you know me, you know that I HATE hot/humid weather. I don't like it about 75, so the weather we have been having is a stretch for me. I am usually just as pale in the summer as I am the rest of the year because I don't like being outside. I rationalize the extra expense of the air conditioning because we keep the heat really low in the winter. At night, we keep it below 60, and when we are home, we only raise it to 74.

Unfortunately, my usual strategy of staying in the air condition is not working. Our air conditioner is DEAD. I have held up surprisingly well, and it has been over a week now. Fortunately, we have a lot of fans. Mark wanted to sell them at the garage sale, but I said no. Good thing!

We aren't getting the a/c fixed until early July. Since we are gone most of June, we are just dealing with it for now. It isn't a complete surprise that is broke--it is 20 years old (as is the heater and water heater). They are well past their life expectancy. That is why we aren't even bothering to have a repair person come out. Hopefully the new one lasts just as long as this one!


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Becky, I am with you!! Lauren has gotten so big. I still picture her as a cute little girl. I loved seeing the family pictures. That brought back memories of soccer games at BBC. Fun times!!