Monday, June 25, 2007

Riding the Cat!

For years, Mark has been excited about riding the Cat. Since we changed our plans and decided to go back to Bar Harbor, we changed our one way tickets to round trip ones.

As we left Bar Harbor, we were escorted by the Coast Guard. This is one of their boats that was with us until we were well out of the harbor. Notice the officer ready at the gun! When we left Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, we weren't escorted out. It was interesting to see the differences between the two countries and their procedures.

We weren't on the boat for very long before Mark started to feel sick, really sick. I suggested that we go to the duty free shop to see if they had dramamine, and they did. However, before we could buy it, Mark was in the bathroom throwing up. Poor guy! I didn't feel the greatest either, but he was much sicker. Needless to say, he was no longer so excited about riding the Cat--and then we realized that we now had to ride it back to Bar Harbor!

Two Sick Travelers!

The View Leaving Yarmouth

We stood on the back of the boat and took pictures for a while after we took off. The boat goes up to 50+ mph. That makes the previously 6 hour ride a much shorter 3 hr. ride. On the way there, one passenger asked why there weren't observation decks on the front of the boat. The attendant said "because you'd be blown off." Encouraging!

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Sarah said...

I feel for you and Mark with your sea sickness. I would be throwing up right along with him. Besides that part it would be really fun to travel on the cat.