Friday, April 9, 2010

Prayer at Lunch

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for Grandpa. Thank you for Grandma. Thank you for Katie. Thank you for Sissy. Thank you for you (Mommy). Thank you for Maddie Dog and Sadie. . .and Katie's shoes. Thank you for my eyes. . .and my eyebrows. . .and for you's (Mommy's) eyes and eyebrows (as he jabbed my eyes) and for Katie's eyebrows and for Sissy's eyebrows.

And at this point, Mommy intervened and said amen :)

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Melodie said...

i litterally can not wait for this. holden wanted to pray the other day, bowed his head and then tooted. so all he could say in his prayer was "toot" and then he laughed. such a boy. we need more substance! :) on another note, i remember you struggling with diaper for steven. i read back on your blog a little today. when you get a second and can you read my latest post and offer any advice? really appreciate it!