Monday, April 26, 2010

Mr. Jake

Steven's favorite person is Mr. Jake. He goes to our church and is in our small group. The reason why Mr. Jake is his hero is because he plays the guitar (and he's just one cool dude!). Steven always talks about Mr. Jake and asks to see him. When he is leading the "big kids" worship service, Steven and I will often go in there for the music before heading to his class.

However, the last few weeks Steven has absolutely freaked out when he saw Mr. Jake at church. I'm talking about heart racing, screaming and shaking, pulling my pants off freaking out. It's quite embarassing!

I'm not sure what happened, but our best guess is that he had a nightmare about him. He went through a period of nightmares around the same time this started. At home, he still talks about Mr. Jake, but at church, it's a different story :(

He hasn't seen Mr. Jake for a few weeks, and when he went looking for him yesterday at church, we found out he was sick. Today (while he was sitting on the potty!) we decided to pray for Mr. Jake.

Steven's prayer went like this:

Thank you for my day. Thank you for Mr. Jake. Thank you for his daddy. Thank you for him sitting. Thank you for his chair. Thank you for him standing.

I then intervened and helped him ask Jesus to help Mr. Jake feel better.

He continued praying, and it was quite interesting. Sometimes it quite hard to keep from laughing, and since we generally pray with our eyes open, its doubly important that I do my best to keep it inside.

I am so thankful for a boy who is passionate about praying and who is thankful for all kinds of little things!

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