Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keeping Up

Michelle has been very busy the last few days. She wants to do everything her brother is doing, and that includes moving. After we got home on Sunday night, Michelle started propelling herself forward and made it about five feet before running out of space. Steven wasn't interested in moving until closer to 8-9 months, not 6 months like her. She is definitely going to be moving soon.

She's also very interested in everything that's going on around her and since my parents, sisters, and their dog are staying with us for a few days, she has a lot to watch. Here she is last night hanging out with one of the dogs. We did go intervene at one point when she was getting ready to chew on the dog's tail. Gross, little girl, gross!


Kimberly said...

She is a doll!
Everything that big brother did, she is going to better and earlier. Get ready!

Melodie said...

hey, sent you an email. i want to send you our old cell phones if they can be helpful in fundraising. let me know!